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A 'False Encyclopaedia' double feature with Bryan Rapp, discussing:
J.W. Anderson Spring/Summer 2014

When I was a kid, I used to play a lot of sports. I tended goals in both ice hockey and football. The former required wearing a jockstrap. For a short period of time, I tried my luck in the game of handball as well (but not as a goalie, mind you). It was one of my then-best friends, with the most common Swedish surname Andersson, who brought me to my first handball practice. I remember that our coach was a pregnant woman and that our team colours were red, blue and white. I quit the team after only a couple of weeks. Handball was not my cup of tea.

When -isms collide and the gender revolution neutralises itself, anti-masculinity becomes the mere image of womenswear worn by men. Or men wearing womenswear. Plus. Minus. Zero. Slowly, the J.W.A. concept becomes a papier mâché set, loosely glued together, juncture points still visible. A reflection of one's own deconstruction:
Ad novum mundum creandum, primum delendus est vetus. Scissors, pins, ready.

1. J.W. Anderson Spring/Summer 2014
2. Jeff Koons One Ball Total Equilibrium Tank, 1985
3. Joe Lally Pop 421, 2013
4. Wayne's World Game On, 1992
5. J.W. Anderson Fall/Winter 2013
6. Maurice Scheltens Forms Of Boredom, 1999
7. Comme des Garçons Spring/Summer 2011
8. J.W. Anderson Spring/Summer 2014

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